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Nicole was my massage therapist and she was amazing. Her positive energy is very refreshing. She truly takes care of ones body and will have you feeling amazing.   Ashley O,  FSSpa

I had an amazing experience with Nicole.   This was the best massage I ever had and she knew exactly what I needed!  I will be back!
Egan G,   FSSpa

I HIGHLY recommend Nicole as a massage therapist.  She does a thorough intake, writing down any specific body issues and requests for treatment. She has all the advanced training you could possibly wish for - and she is adept in a variety of advanced techniques as a result. There's really something special about her, which I believe cannot be taught - its an innate talent - an intuitive awareness as she gives the massage, tuning into what your body needs and wants in the NOW.  She is top-notch.  Schedule with confidence!    Dakini K


Thank you for visiting.  I am so grateful that you're here.  
I am a licensed massage therapist, energetic bodywork practitioner and a life long musician.  My goal is to help you to relax tired and/or achy muscles, aid you in reducing the effects of stress and to help your body obtain a state of balance optimal for healing and rejuvenation.

Massage therapy has been proven to lengthen tightened muscles and lessen muscular pain.  It has also been shown to calm the mind, boost the spirit, support the immune system, promote a more restful sleep, diminish or reduce pain associated with muscular headaches or migraines and help combat depression and anxiety. 

Massage and Energetic Bodywork may be enhanced with music.  Our body's tissues can be described as a collection of cells whose movement generates a vibratory frequency.  That frequency correlates to a musical note.  When illness, disease or muscular discomfort is present, the vibratory frequency of the affected tissue is out of tune.  Reintroducing the proper frequency may help the body move towards homeostasis.

I bring to my craft, an understanding of the science behind the holistic arts I practice and a strong sense of intuition.  I am calm, centered, good-natured and always professional. My approach to work is one of joy, because I am truly thankful I get to do what I do.

I look forward to working with you and helping you to achieve your health and wellness goals.  

Nicole Colavito Lmt

443 461 4064

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Nicole Colavito Lmt